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Season 07

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Horror author Julie L. Kusma joins The Writing Community Chat show for the start of season 7! How time fly's!

Julie is a speculative fiction author, and pens paranormal, supernatural, and horror short stories on her website, epistolary style pieces for a collaborative website, and records several of her stories as audios short available on her YouTube channel.


We even get the first play exclusive from Julies brand new audio short horror story INNOCENCE! 

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We were joined by the best selling TM LOGAN! The author who has sold over 1 MILLION BOOKS! What an incredible achievement.


His books are published in 21 countries around the world including France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, the USA, South Korea, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Greece and the Netherlands.


He was also a national newspaper journalist before turning to novel-writing full time. This episode has plenty of writing tips and stories you will enjoy.


Tim's latest book is called Trust Me: The biggest thriller of the summer. Titles include Lies Lies Lies, Just My Luck and Both of You.


TANWEER DAR! Author. Artist. Poet. He writes mostly Cyberpunk. He studied Ancient & Medieval History at university and is a qualified teacher. He has written 9 works across multiple genres. Including fantasy, poetry, non-fiction, and children's books. Including novellas, novellas, and short stories. His latest book is called In the Heart of the Void and was released in July 2021.

IN THE HEART OF THE VOID: The crew of an interstellar cargo ship on a routine mission find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere. As if that's not enough of a disaster, strange things start to happen on board. What follows is a series of events none of them could have possibly prepared for...
In the Heart of the Void is a nerve-shredding sci-fi horror story set in space.

You'll never look at the stars the same way again.

LET THAT BE A LESSON 'A frank, funny, and long overdue ode to teachers and teaching' Adam Kay:
The malodorous horrors of Sports Day.
Bracing yourself for Parents' Evening.
Refereeing teenage relationship dramas.


Lucie Whitehouse is the author of The House at
Midnight. The Bed I Made & Before We Met & most recently Risk of Harm! Lucie was born in Gloucestershire, England, in 1975. She read Classics at Oxford University and worked in publishing while writing her own first novel  She now lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and daughter.

RISK OF HARM is being called the most gripping British crime thriller of 2021.

Robin Lyons is back in her hometown of Birmingham and now a DCI with Force Homicide, working directly under Samir, the man who broke her heart almost twenty years ago.

When a woman is found stabbed to death in a derelict factory and no one comes forward to identify the body, Robin and her team must not only hunt for the murderer, but also solve the mystery of who their victim might be.


I was joined by the wonderful and compassionate Kia Abdullah. She is a travel writer and the author of Take It Back, Truth Be Told and now NEXT OF KIN.

Next Of Kin is described as a gripping courtroom drama, perfect for fans of Fifty Fifty and My Sister’s Keeper. Her novel Take It Back was named one of the best thrillers of the year by The Guardian and Telegraph and was selected for an industry-first audio serialisation by HarperCollins and The Pigeonhole. The follow-up, Truth Be Told, has been long-listed for a Diverse Book Award. She is also a founder of Atlas and Boots.


In this interview you can see the knowledge, intelligence and passion shine through a very bright young lady. I am sure that her future is just as bright as she is. He commitment and professionalism are clear as was her knowledge of the book world and writing itself. Look out world, Kristina is coming! 

Kristina Naydonova was born in Washington D.C.  Ever since she was young, she has derived great interest from reading and writing.


At the age of eight, she put her hobbies to the test and published a crime fiction novel, The Black Sisterhood Files, now available on Amazon. She hopes to prove that no matter your age, race, or gender, you can achieve anything if you have devotion.


Queer Indie and The Writing Community Chat Show are teaming up in an attempt to talk and showcase all things indie. As part of the #BrooklynBookFestival schedule, we will be discussing being an indie #author, the struggles, the wins, how to write diversity without offending and much more. This will be a live show. We welcome your live engagement and questions.

The Brooklyn Book Festival:
"Mission Statement: The mission of the Brooklyn Book Festival is to celebrate published literature and nurture a literary cultural community through programming that cultivates and connects readers of diverse ages and backgrounds with local, national and international authors, publishers and booksellers. To this end, the Brooklyn Book Festival develops original programming that is hip, smart, diverse, inclusive and collaborative and presents free and low-cost public events including the Brooklyn Book Festival, Children’s Day and Bookend events.

The Brooklyn #Book Festival is New York City’s largest free literary festival and connects readers with local, national and international authors and publishers during the course of a celebratory literary week.


You may know Matt Adcock from Twitter handle @Cleric20, a nod to his best selling #cybernoir thriller. If not, Matt is a great writing community member who is supportive of others and really leads the way when it comes to #bookmarketing and #booksales. Complete Darkness became an Amazon best-seller under Christian Futuristic Fiction and he continues to show great examples of how to make a story more than a book! We all could learn a lot from this interview.

Complete Darkness: For centuries many have pondered the prospect of an afterlife and feared what came to be known as ‘hell’.
In the near future, we map the elusive ‘dark matter’ around us, only to find out that it is hell itself, and it is very real…


New York Times bestselling author Soman Chainani joined Chris for a classic WCCS chat! We found out Somans road to writing, his current WIP, including BEASTS AND BEAUTY, and will be looked at his future projects.

New York Times bestselling author Soman Chainani respins old stories into fresh fairy tales for a new era and creates a world like no other. 


"In 2009 I set out to start an adventure revolution. I’m still working on it but now an idea has become a movement and its changing the world"
— BelindaKirk
Belinda has spent 24 years leading groups into the wilderness all over the world.  These include numerous personal #expeditions,  youth development expeditions, biological research missions and remote filming trips for the BBC. 

Today she is a motivational Speaker, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and Campaigner encouraging others to live adventurously.


ISZI LAWRENCE! She is a writer, comedian, podcaster, and History presenter. She has works credited on Netflix, BBC radio Xtra, BBC Radio 1 & BBC Radio 4’s flagship show, Making History (with Tom Holland). Before COVID restrictions, she performed bespoke History shows at events for The British Science Festival & she also runs workshops for academic institutions & schools teaching people to be engaging public speakers. She has hosted many podcasts including her latest which is about Dinosaurs called Terrible Lizards with Dr. Dave Hone. She has written The Unstoppable Letty Pegg (a historic children's fiction book in 2020 and her next novel, Billie Swift Takes Flight was out this September.

It is 1942. Billie witnesses a Spitfire crash, but when she returns to the site, the plane has disappeared. She infiltrates the local airfield and is mistaken for a cadet. Will Billie tell the truth and get thrown out of flying school? Can she save the life, of her favorite chicken who has stopped laying eggs? Is one of her fellow ATA pilots a Nazi spy?!



This is the first ever WCCS book launch show. This new format allows indie authors to promote their books on or around launch day.

Brandy's book, Dreams of Darkness and Desire, has already had many brilliant beta reader reviews and there is demand for book 2 pre release of book 1! This is very promising. As is Dreams of Darkness being compared to the smash hit Inception!

Watch this show, read the blur below and pick up her book today!



The WCCS panel show is back!
Happy #Halloween #horror fans! The WCCS panel show was a blast. 6 indie authors from the #WritingCommunity joined me to battle for glory. The BOYS Vs the GIRLS! Who won? Well, you will have to watch it to find out!

I thank each guest for their time, effort and spectacular acting!

Anna Mocikat, Jo Paulson, Anya Pavelle, Matt Adcock, Anders Kingsley & Terry Geo!


Editing special with Tash Barsby & Lizzy Goudsmit Kay!

Lizzy Goudsmit Kay is head of The Novelry editorial services and previously was a senior commissioning editor at Transworld Publishers, a division of Penguin Random House.

Tash Barsby is Publishing Editor at The Novelry. She too worked a Transworld Publishers, as a commissioning editor who published the debut thriller from Sarah Pearse, The Sanatorium. Sarah Pearse was a previous guest on our show promoting that amazing novel.

Between them, they have gained substantial knowledge when it comes to writing effective pitches, the editing process, and helping to make manuscripts magnificent!

If you want to know more about THE NOVELRY then click here - (Don't forget to tell them The WCCS sent you!)


Geoff Petty Teaching Today & Teaching Better on The WCCS!

#GeoffreyPetty is one of Britain’s leading experts on #teaching methods. He is also an author and his #books, Teaching Today and Evidenced-based Teaching have been the inspiration for practicing teachers and those learning the trade worldwide. His book, The Little Gods Who Cooled the Earth’, is a free novel that has been shortlisted for the International Green Story Prize. This book addresses the issues of the ever-present #climatecrisis.

You can download that book here.
In this show, we discovered who Geoff is, where his inspirations came from and we will be answering the questions you have for one of the world's best teachers. Plus, look at the link between being a teacher and an author.


Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bar, with Izabella May.

Isabella May is the author of 10 novels. Her curiosity and love of international food and travel influenced them. Both of which feature extensively in her cross-genre novels, fused with a dollop of #romcom, and a sprinkle of magical realism.
We will look at how her start in children's publishing led to her #writing these much-loved novels. And why writing with a #Christmas theme seemed the right thing to do.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bar was released in September of this year and has been called a delicious laugh-out-loud, feel-good romantic comedy - perfect for the holidays...


Katie Kahn is the #author of Hold Back The Stars and The Light Between Us. Hold Back The Start is currently being adapted for film by the producers of Arrival and Stranger Things! It has been described as ‘AN EDGE-OF-YOUR-SEAT TALE’ — by VOGUE. Katie has also a very impressive cv, having worked in film and television for over 13 years. Katie has worked at the BBC, UKTC, Channel 4, Paramount Pictures, and Warner Bros.

Katie also helps writers with #writing a novel and more importantly, story structure. She does this at The Novelry where she is the creative director.

In this interview, we will dive into Katie's past, her current projects, and her future.


Being an indie author. 

We were live in the last week of Indie November... is that a thing? It is now!


We will be celebrating all things indie, but in reality, we will be discussing genuine issues, thoughts, and tactics that indie #authors face/use each day.


You will most likely pick up some amazing tips and hear the harsh realities too.

Guests: Mario Del'Ollio, Anna Mocikat, Jo Paulson, Ross Young, Halo Scott.


Top writing tips from the writing community

Members of the #writingcommunity have joined forces to bring you 10 #writingtips that they feel are valuable to authors.


Below you can see a list of the authors that have taken the time to give us their knowledge.  The #writing community and I thank you.


Terry Geo - Louise Fein - Dale Roberts - Tina Baker - Mario Dell'olio - Nadine Matheson - Brandon Morehouse - N J Simmonds  - Tony Lee - Matt Adcock

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