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Season 01

TIP - Click on the authors name for their website.


Halo Scot is the author of Edge of the Breach. She is a very friendly and positively engages on twitter and has always got a nick cage Giffs up her sleeve. Listen to this great interview and pick up her book now! you will not be disappointed.


Film and TV director

Diarmuid Goggins is a charismatic Irishman who has a talent for creating cinematic magic. He has directed episodes of Casualty, Silent Witness and Sky's Bulletproof 2. This is not an episode to be missed. Especially if you want amazing insight into the world of directing and how screenwriting is often done.



Henrietta is the author of A TALENTED MAN. A story about man named Ellis Spender, only son of a once-esteemed society family, believes money, success and the high life are his birthright -- only prevented by a cruel trick of fate.
Struggling to stay ahead of his creditors, the dejected writer decides to forge a sequel to one of the most famous novels of all time, Bram Stoker's Dracula. Its remarkable 'discovery' will create the lifestyle he believes is his due. But as his scheme begins to bear fruit, others who stand to gain become obstacles. And Ellis will stop at nothing to achieve his desires...


Creator, producer and writer of the hit series We're Alive audio drama

Kc Wayland has carried within him a passion for the creative arts from a young age. As a teenager, he earned the Award of Excellence in Arts and Best Student Editor and graduated with top honours from Orange High School Media Arts program for Acting and Film Theory, earning the Principal's Medallion. Upon graduating, he was awarded an academic scholarship to attend Chapman University's School of Film and Television. His amazing show WE'RE ALIVE has now had over 200 million downloads!



Ross is the author of the magical and hilarious DEAD HEADS. He has a great presence on Twitter and is seriously creative. Listen to his Indie Wednesday show now.



Tim gave us great insight as to how a well-established author interacts with film production and what it's like to be releasing a novel during the Covid lock down. His book EDEN is his 45th production. Having written books on Star Wars, Alien and Hell Boy just to name a few. His book The Silence was turned into a Netflix movie this year.



Steve has a good twitter presence and spends a lot of time interacting with his followers. His book SIMONE LAFRAY AND THE CHOCOLATIERS' BALL was featured in Kirkus Reviews magazine. It has been received well and is a tale aimed at the younger generation, about a girl who has become a spy in the shadows of Paris.



Anna is the author of Shadow city and Behind blue eyes. She has written many novels, many of which in German, and has had much experience with the film and computer game industry. Her upcoming novel Behind blue eyes is eagerly anticipated and has caused a plague of blue eyes on twitter!


Maggie is someone who has set themselves out to make a difference in the world. We all go through hard times and often that is played out over and over in our minds. What if we had the ability to control those thoughts...



A multiple-time New York Times Best-seller List and Eagle Award winning Writer, Tony Lee has worked professionally for over thirty years, including a decade in trade journalism and media marketing/creation for radio. Since returning to comics in 2003 he has written for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, Titan Publishing, Markosia, 2000ad and IDW Publishing amongst others, writing a variety of creator owned titles and licenses that include X-Men, Spider Man, Star Trek, Battle star Galactica, Doctor Who, Superboy, Starship Troopers, Wallace & Gromit and Shrek.

vV-BBH6X (1).jpg

Author, musician & digital artist

A.C. Is the author of HER NAME IS MURDER and has a great twitter presence. He hails from Birmingham Alabama (Not UK). Be sure to listen to his insightful interview which discusses his musical youth. Is he the first person to give a different answer on the Star Wars & Star Trek debate?!


Comedian. Travel writer. Columnist.
Hot-Air Balloonist and Fainéant.
The Trigger Happy guy.

Dom Joly. Trigger Happy TV legend and now a very popular travel writer. Creating amazing stories by travelling to challenging destinations around the world. Often changing people perceptions of those places for the better. Listen to him discuss many adventures and the reason why he recently hiked across Lebanon, from the Israeli border in the south, along the spine of the country’s mountain range, all the way to the Syrian border in the north.


A retired classical/contemporary dancer, teacher, choreographer, director & producer. Now, an author.

Evan Knapp is certainly a character worth reading about, and you can. His book WHERE THERE IS MOVEMENT dives into his world as a young man trying to make it in Portland in the 1980s. His love for dance has been very present in recent days as his daily YouTube videos have been a hit.


Actor, screenwriter, director, and comic book writer.

Noel Clarke is the definition of getting things done. He has created his own entertainment production company and has written, directed, produced and acted in the Kidulthood film series and the current Sky hit Bulletproof. He was awarded the 2003 Laurence Olivier Theatre Award for Most Promising Newcomer of 2002 for his performance in "Where Do We Live" at the Royal Court Theatre.
Voted Best Male Guest Actor by readers of Doctor Who Magazine for his appearances in the 2006 Season.
He was awarded BAFTA's Orange Rising Star Award in 2009.
He is among the 25 actors to have acted in both the Star Trek and Doctor Who franchises.


Authors & voice actor

Rich Staplehurst is the founder of Rupert Regis & his magical bookclub. It is a fantastic service that creates personalised children's stories. We highly recommend it. Not only that but Elliot Crosley is a fantastic voice actor who can be found on YouTube creating amazing impressions. He voices the audio book versions of these children's stories. What a great idea!



Tony Kent describes his books as airport books due to his thriller/crime books being punchy and to the point. His books have and are receiving some exceptional reviews and his recent book POWER PLAY was called a gripping conspiracy thriller by IAN RANKIN.

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