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If you are interested in any of our shows then this is the place for you to apply! There are 3 basic shows that you can apply for and each of them has its own qualities. Below you can see what the shows are and find the forms to apply for them.

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The Shows

The WCCS Interview

The WCCS Interview is just as it sounds. Although it's not very standard! It is an hour-long podcast interview that is split into 3 sections. Drinking and swearing are allowed if that is your thing. But if it's not, a serious conversation can take place. The first of the 3 sections is called "The Road To Writing." This section allows the audience to learn all about how you became an author, screenwriter, actor, or whatever your profession is. It looks at your battles along the way and how you got into writing. Then, section 2 is "What's The Story." This looks at your current work or project. We check out some reviews and ask some questions about the story and it is a chance for you to gain some exposure for it. Then finally, part 3 is "Community Questions." We finish the show with some random WCCS questions and questions from the live audience. All of which are filtered before being displayed on the screen. It is a fun and relaxed show where we get to hear some amazing life stories, tips, and techniques. 

The WCCS Discussion Panel

The WCCS Discussion Panel has been around for a few seasons now. It is a show that allows numerous authors to join the show to discuss writing tips, books, techniques, and marketing solutions, and even to voice concerns or talk about the hardships of being an indie author. We have had authors from one publishing house talk about their work life and how it is to be a signed author. There is no restriction to this. If you have something to discuss and want to do something with some friends, or other creative members, you can. Simply fill out the form below as a team, or as an individual, and I will get back to you. 

The WCCS Panel Show

The WCCS Panel Show is still fairly new in its WCCS life. But the few shows it has produced so far have been a lot of fun. The panel show set two teams of 3 against each other in a battle of wits, writing, and impressions. There are question rounds, quick-fire writing rounds, and to finish off the impressions round. That round alone has produced some gems. There is no talk of promotion here. You of course promote yourself, and your personality. But this is entirely about fun. See a previous show below and if you think you are brave enough and clever enough to win, register a team! 

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