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So, what do you do as an indie author when the work you took years to do goes unnoticed? Look for some other way to get yourselves out there... or... give up?

When Christopher Aggett first thought about starting the Writing Community Chat Show podcast it was for one good reason. The Writing Community on Twitter had helped him more than he could have imagined when he reached out with indie author issues. However, after successfully publishing his debut novella he noticed how much valuable information was actually getting lost within the writing community hashtag. Not to mention if you wanted to have a book suggestion, you could get hundreds within hours and five-star books were getting lost among the vast sea of quality. So he thought how exactly can that be harnessed. The podcast idea was the most simple and most obvious.

Chris Aggett then reached out to Chris Hooley who he met through the Writing Community and the rest is history.

So the Writing Community Chat Show podcast was created. Not before some failed attempts at using discord and twitch. Finally settling with a fantastic podcast software called Anchor. This gave the guys a great platform to find their voice. The first show which is still and purposefully raw and completely unedited remains the most listened to episode at the moment. However a few other are beginning to catch up.

It began with one show a week which allowed an indie author to come onto the show and be interviewed. Giving them the spotlight to talk about their motivations, their techniques and books. It is a great tool for promotion and allows authors to share valuable tips.

This was the start of something that the Chris's never expected to happen. The show's momentum carried on and built up speed. Not only were they interviewing indie authors for one show a week, it quickly launched forward attracting authors, film, TV and audio directors. They had to add another show into the schedule to keep up. This pushed the indie show to a Wednesday which then created the Indie Wednesday show. The indie Wednesday show is split into 2. A brief chat on an indie issue and some tips to resolve them before the indie interview. Then the other show was placed on a Friday evening to be called The Writing Community Friday Night Chat Show. 

After a few successful interviews, the Chris's allowed their personalities to start edging through. Allowing the Friday chat show to become exactly that. A place to talk about news, films and any other current topics worth laughing about in this laid back style show. It didn't all go so smoothly though. After teaching themselves how to record, edit and produce the shows they had to deal with issues they never expected, voice overlap being one. 

They pushed through it and as the listeners began to tune in all around the globe, from Kingston Town in Jamaica, China, Israel, Australia and South Africa with the biggest fan base being the USA. The more attraction the show received from bigger guests too. KC Wayland, Tony Lee, Tim Lebbon and Diarmuid Goggins to name a few. They were scattered between some amazing indie episodes before Comedian and travel writer Dom Joly surprised both hosts by agreeing to come on the show. They were blown away at the thought of it and the episode didn't disappoint. The stories from a travel writer who has visited places like Chernobyl, the Congo and had recently walked the mountains of Lebanon were fascinating. Just as the Chris's thought their first season was going to end a great success they managed to secure another huge guest. The writer, producer, director and acting sensation that is Noel Clarke agreed to come on to share his knowledge with the hosts and fans. And as big fans of the Bulletproof series both Chris's were over the moon. Fans certainly notice how the Chris's interview the guests too. After asking about where their inspirations come from they also get real with their guests, then finally asking silly and funny questions not many people would.  Season 1 has been a big big success.

They never expected the show to be received so well and only expect it to keep growing. However, both Chris's realise there is so much more work to be done and they really want to do it right. They are working on some big plans with TV directors and have other ideas that can turn this podcast from a chat show to an actual place for authors to come and be propel their careers forward. They want to make this a business. At the very least they want to run some genuinely good writing competitions to showcase the writing community talent but need the funds to do so. We realise that times are tough and parting with money isn't always easy but the writing community chat show believes that this is a cause well worth investing in. Who knows where it will lead. If the Chris's manage to bring their dreams to reality then they could be helping a lot more people than they currently are. If you feel that you could help financially, even a small donation, please find the support/buy us a beer tab at the top of the page.

The show has grown and grown once more. It is now a Spreaker Prime show and available on ROKU TV! Chris Hooley however, has left the show. To concentrate on his writing masters! I thank you Chris Hooley for your efforts with the show. You will be missed!

The show has continued with its impressive guest list. Adding the amazing MAX BROOKS to the list. And, many, many more!

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