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Season 11

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Samantha Baines is an entrepreneur and philanthropist: an award-winning comedian, award-winning actress and award-winning broadcaster. A deaf activist and hearing aid wearer, Samantha is the author of two children's books with deaf protagonists; the award-winning Harriet Versus the Galaxy which she also voices on Audible and Bloomsbury Education book The Night the Moon Went Out and new book Living With Hearing Loss and Deafness: a guide to owning it and loving it.

Samantha is also founder and director of successful social media marketing company Penguin in the Room, which she set up after she left drama school. Penguin in the Room have managed social media output for the likes of Susan Calman, The Guilty Feminist, Helen George, Lucy Porter and Ruby Wax's charity Frazzled Cafe and employ a team of creative freelancers who work for the company to support their other artistic endeavours.

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In this exciting episode of our writing community chat show, we sit down with bestselling author Matt Johnson to discuss his journey to becoming a successful writer. From overcoming writer's block to mastering the art of storytelling, Matt shares his insights and experiences that have led to his success. We will be discussing just how, after just two years as a published author, Matt Johnson was voted at #22 in the WH Smith list of all-time best crime writers! Matt's first novel is 2016 John Creasey CWA Dagger listed 'Wicked Game', which was also listed by Amazon UK as the highest-rated rising-star novel of 2016. Following on from the success of this novel, two further books in the series - Deadly Game and End Game - were released in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Wicked Game and Deadly Game both entered the top 10 Amazon (all books) in both the UK and Australia. Wicked Game as an audiobook peaked at #1.

Matt is a founder member of CRIME CYMRU the Wales Crime Writers collection and is co-chair of Gŵyl Crime Cymru Festival, the very first Crime Literature Festival for Wales, scheduled for April 2022.

Join us as we delve into the world of writing and learn from one of the best in the business. Whether you're a seasoned writer or just starting out, you won't want to miss this interview!

Matts latest novel is set for release in June of 2023, see the blurb below.

No Ordinary Day : 
As WPC Yvonne Fletcher lay mortally wounded, having been shot from within the Libyan People’s Bureau in London on 17 April 1984, her friend and fellow police officer John Murray promised he would see those responsible brought to justice. That promise would take him 37 years to fulfil, during which time he uncovered a startling web of intrigue involving big business, politicians and our intelligence agencies.
This is John Murray’s story.

Buy it here:

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Bestselling author Ann is also a leading journalist in Ireland, Ann O'Loughlin has covered all major news events of the last three decades. Ann spent most of her career with Independent Newspapers and is now a senior journalist with the Irish Examiner newspaper. Ann has also lived in India. Originally from the west of Ireland she now lives on the east coast with her husband and two children. The Judge's Wife was shortlisted in the Epic Romantic Novel category of the 2017 RoNA awards. The Ballroom Cafe and The Judge’s Wife were both bestsellers for several weeks in Ireland. Ann’s books have been translated into eleven languages.

The Irish House is Ann's latest novel and is out with Bookouture on 14th April.

You can find it here:

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Author Sam Holland returns to The WCCS just in time for the birth of her brand new book The 20! The novel that is being called a chilling addictive serial killer thriller that will keep you up all night in 2023! Having always been fascinated with the dark and macabre, Sam Holland studied psychology at university then spent the next few years working in HR, before quitting for a full-time career in writing. A self-confessed serial killer nerd, her debut novel, The Echo Man, shocked and enthralled readers and reviewers alike with its sinister depiction of a serial killer copying notorious real-life murderers of the past.

The 20:
‘Some authors spook you. Some authors unnerve me. Very few authors frighten you — but very few authors are Sam Holland. The Twenty is smart and brooding, icepick-sharp and shadow-dark; best of all, though, it’s scary as hell. Think you’re tough? Pick up this novel and prove it’

When Dr Romilly Cole learns of the murders, they trigger memories of a traumatic past she has tried hard to forget. But getting involved with the case is a bad idea. She and Bishop have history – and working together could never end well.
A race against time to stop a killer…
Adam and Romilly soon realise the truth lies in a decades-old case, and only Romilly holds the key. But they must act quickly, because with every passing day, there are more victims. And as the numbers edge toward zero, the murders get closer to home…


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Tosca Lee is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of The Line Between, The Progeny, Firstborn, Iscariot, The Legend of Sheba, Demon: A Memoir, Havah: The Story of Eve, and the Books of Mortals series with New York Times bestseller Ted Dekker.

Marcus Brotherton is a New York Times bestselling author and coauthor dedicated to writing books that inspire heroics, promote empathy, and encourage noble living. His commendations include the Christopher Award for literature “that affirms the highest values of the human spirit.”

Together they have written The Long March Home.
Inspired by true stories, The Long March Home is a gripping coming-of-age tale of friendship, sacrifice, and the power of unrelenting hope from two New York Times bestselling authors.

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Audrey Burges writes novels, humor, short fiction, and essays in Richmond, Virginia. Her presence is tolerated by her two rambunctious children and very patient husband, all of whom have become practiced at making supportive faces when she shouts, “listen to this sentence!” She is a frequent contributor to numerous humor outlets, including McSweeney’s, and her stories and essays have appeared in Pithead Chapel, Cease, Cows, and lengthy diatribes in the Notes app on her phone. Audrey was born and raised in Arizona by her linguist parents, which is a lot like being raised by wolves, but with better grammar. She moved to Virginia as an adult but still carries mountains and canyons in her heart, and sometimes, when she closes her eyes, she can still smell ponderosa pines in the sun.

We talked about her book, The Minuscule Mansion of Myra Malone.

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Jessica grew up in Kansas City, later moving to the Pacific Northwest where the mountains and Puget Sound became home. Beyond writing, she loves to run, rock climb, and explore the great outdoors with her daughter and husband. She is also an RN. When holding still, which isn’t often, you’ll find a book in her hand and a cat or dog in her lap. Jessica writes suspense and thriller and is the host of Moms Writers Club on Twitter and YouTube.


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In this exclusive interview with Hanna Jameson, author and screenwriter, we get a glimpse into the secrets of her success. Jameson shares her writing tips, process and journey, as well as her insights into the writing community. If you're an aspiring author or just love great stories, you won't want to miss this interview!

Hanna wrote her first book at the age of seventeen, which was later nominated for the John Creasey Dagger Award. She's a bestselling author (Something You Are, Girl Seven, Those Crazy Freeways, The Last) and is currently working on screen projects.

Her latest novel, Are You Happy Now, was called one of the best novels of 2023 by Sara Collins. It was released in February of 2023.

Buy it here:

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In this captivating interview, we sit down with Kate Foster, a national newspaper journalist with over two decades of experience in the field. Kate's love for her hometown of Edinburgh and its rich history has led her to become a successful author, with her debut novel "The Maiden" winning the prestigious Bloody Scotland Pitch Perfect 2020 prize for new writers. Join us as Kate shares her insights into the world of journalism, her creative process as an author, and how Edinburgh's past has influenced her writing. Don't miss out on this inspiring conversation with Kate Foster!

Her latest book is THE MAIDEN:

Edinburgh, October 1679. Lady Christian is arrested and charged with the murder of her lover, James Forrester. News of her imprisonment and subsequent trial is splashed across the broadsides, with headlines that leave little room for doubt: Adulteress. Whore. Murderess.

Only a year before, Lady Christian was newly married, leading a life of privilege and respectability. So, what led her to risk everything for an affair? And does that make her guilty of murder? She wasn't the only woman in Forrester's life, and certainly not the only one who might have had cause to wish him dead . . .

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In this interview, we will delve into the thrilling world of Adler & Dwyer thriller series author, Matthew Farrell. He will share with us his inspiration for writing this psychological thriller, the challenges he faced during the writing process, and what readers can expect from his latest book, The Woman at Number 6. He will also discuss the themes of loyalty, secrets, and betrayal that run throughout the novel. This interview will leave you wanting more from this incredible author.

Follow Matthew Farrell on social media to stay updated on his work and get a behind-the-scenes look at his writing process. You can find him on on Twitter @mfarrellwriter, Facebook - Matthew Farrell Books, Instagram - mfarrellwriter and Tik Tok @mfarrellwriter.

His latest novel: The Woman at Number 6:
A loyal wife. A handsome husband. Which one of them will kill to keep their secret?

When I first met Malcolm, I knew that he was everything I had ever wanted. When we had our beautiful, blue-eyed son Finn I felt like my life was finally complete. The past eight years have been the happiest of my life. Until now.

Because Malcolm’s been lying to me.

I’ve been following him. I finally saw him with her. How could he betray me and my darling boy? Of course, we all have our secrets. But everything I’ve done, I did for my son.

So I have a plan. When the police knock on our door tomorrow morning, Malcolm will have no clue what’s in store. All I need to do is pick up Finn and we can start our new life together.

But I don’t notice the car tailing me. The sudden crushing impact takes my breath away. As my heart pounds and my car is forced towards the rushing river below, my only thought is for my precious Finn. Because I know with certainty that if this is happening to me, then he’s in grave danger too…
Did Malcolm know what I was planning after all? Is this his revenge? Or worse, have my own secrets and lies finally caught up with me—and has my time finally run out?

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Cole Haddon is an Australian-American novelist, screenwriter, and journalist. Dracula, his first television commission, was produced by NBC and Sky Living starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and he has gone on to develop dozens of feature films and TV series around the globe – most recently Genocidal Organ for director Park Chan-wook (Old Boy) and the rock musical Zombie Broadway for The Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart and director Jonas Åkerlund (Lords of Chaos).

His graphic novels have been published by Dark Horse and others. His articles have appeared in the Melbourne Age, Sydney Morning Herald, and Village Voice Media, amongst others. Psalms for the End of the World, his first novel, will be released on 1 September 2022. He lives in the Blue Mountains of Australia with his wife and two children.

We will be discussing his latest novel: PSALMS FOR THE END OF THE WORLD

It’s 1962 and physics student Grace Pulansky believes she has met the man of her dreams, Robert Jones, while serving up slices of pecan pie at the local diner. But then the FBI shows up, with their fedoras and off-the-rack business suits, and accuses him of being a bomb-planting mass-murderer.
Finding herself on the run with Jones across America’s Southwest, the discoveries awaiting Gracie will undermine everything she knows about the universe. Her story will reveal how scores of lives – an identity-swapping rock star, a mourning lover in ancient China, Nazi hunters in pursuit of a terrible secret, a crazed artist in pre-revolutionary France, an astronaut struggling with a turbulent interplanetary future, and many more – are interconnected across space and time by love, grief, and quantum entanglement.

Spanning continents, centuries, and dimensions, this exquisitely crafted and madly inventive novel – a triple-disk, concept-album of a book – is a profound yet propulsive enquiry into the nature of reality – the perfect immersive read for fans of David Mitchell, Emily St. John Mandel, Neil Gaiman, and Margaret Atwood.


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JD Kirk is the pen name of multi-award-winning author, screenwriter, and writer of comics, Barry Hutchison.

Born and raised in Fort William in the Highlands of Scotland, Barry/JD wanted to be a writer from the age of nine, when a kindly librarian wrote his name on the spine of a notebook in which he’d written a terrible short story, and put it on the shelf.

Since then, he has written over 140 books for children as Barry Hutchison, over 15 books for adults as Barry J. Hutchison, and is now thoroughly enjoying murdering people as JD Kirk.
He has no idea what the JD stands for.

He is promoting his latest novel in the DCI Logan Crime Thrillers series.

#BarryHutchinson #JDKirk #Author #Comics #Scottishauthor #Childrensbooks


📚 Join us on The Writing Community Chat Show as we dive into the thrilling world of action-adventure novels with acclaimed author Nick! Known for his gripping storytelling and fast-paced plots, Nick crafts the kind of books he loves to read, ensuring an exciting and captivating experience for his readers. If you're tired of boring, slow-paced stories and crave an adrenaline rush, this interview is a must-watch!

Hailing from Connecticut, growing up in Texas, and now residing in beautiful Colorado with his wife, two children, three dogs, and a tortoise, Nick draws inspiration from his love for snow. Imagine him sipping whiskey by the fireplace while snowflakes gently fall outside, setting the perfect atmosphere for his writing endeavors, which often take place by the warm glow of candlelight.

But Nick's journey into the writing world wasn't a direct one. He initially pursued a career in music, studying composition and film scoring. However, his passion for books by esteemed authors like James Rollins, Dan Brown, and Clive Cussler ignited a desire to try his hand at writing novels. Little did he know, his first book, "The Golden Crystal," would prove to be a humbling experience. It took the guidance and collaboration with an editor turned co-writer, MP MacDougall, to transform the story into something publishable. The revamped version, titled "The Atlantis Stone," was released in 2011, marking a pivotal moment in Nick's writing career.


Jack Jordan is the global number one bestselling author of Anything for Her (2015), My Girl (2016), A Woman Scorned (2018), Before Her Eyes (2018) and Night by Night (2019).

His latest thriller, Do No Harm, was an instant Times bestseller and shortlisted for the Most Recommended Book in the DeadGood Reader Awards. Coined the thriller of the summer for 2022, it was described as “relentlessly tense” by Sunday Times Bestseller Lesley Kara, and “Chilling and perfectly paced” by New York Times Bestseller Sarah Pearse.

To find out more about Jack, enter numerous annual giveaways to win signed copies of his books, and be the first to hear of new book releases and news, follow him here:

Instagram: @JackJordan_author
TikTok: @jackjordan_author
Twitter: @JackJordanBooks
Facebook: JackJordanOfficial
Goodreads: JackJordanOfficial

His latest book is CONVICTION.

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Lauren writes psychological suspense novels that delve into the darker side of relationships and families. She has a lifelong passion for writing, reading, and all things books. Lauren also writes book club thrillers as LC North.

Lauren's love of psychological suspense has grown since childhood and her dark imagination of always wondering what's the worst thing that could happen in every situation.

This is her latest novel: My Word Against His: A totally unputdownable psychological thriller packed with jaw-dropping twists.

I’m not a killer. But I can’t be trusted.
There are three things you should know about me:
I’m a devoted mother
I’ve been accused of murder
I’m innocent
Two of those things are correct, one is not.

I have to convince the police I’m not guilty. But it’s my word against his.

So who will you believe: me or him?



#LaurenNorth #Author #Inspiration #WritingProcess #Interview #BookLovers #CreativeWriting


In this episode, Tetyana joins us late. If you are interested in the Chris & Chris chat, along with WCCS news, then listen on. If you would just like to hear the awesome Tetyana story, skip to around 25 mins. However, we urge you to listen to it all!

Tetyana Denford is a Ukrainian-American author and freelance writer. She is also a translator for Frontline News, has written and edited articles for magazines in NY and the UK, is featured in The Telegraph and The New York Times, and speaks several languages.

Her novel, Motherland (now being relaunched as The Child of Ukraine), is based on an incredible family secret that was revealed by her maternal grandmother, Yulia, only recently, and has been described by people as 'haunting', 'powerful', and 'a fragile and hopeful story of an immigrant family'. It was longlisted for the Readers Digest Self-Published Book Awards, and has been met with critical global acclaim.

Her 'conversation books' were published in 2021-2022 and are a series of three themed, handbag-sized books of poetry and prose, designed to help the reader reframe subjects in a way that can help them find hope, magic, empowerment, and love.

Her latest novel is The Soldier's Child: A powerful and heartbreaking WW2 saga based on a true story.

Based on an incredible true story, this is an emotional and gripping novel of family, love and the unwavering strength of hope. Perfect for fans of Kristin Hannah, Beneath A Scarlet Sky, and All the Light We Cannot See.

#Tetyanadenford #TetyanadenfordAuthor #Ukraine #War #Ukrainewar #WritingProcess


Dr. Douglas Lumsden is a former history professor and private school teacher. After he retired, he wrote an urban fantasy series featuring hard-boiled private eye Alexander Sutherland as he cruises through the mean streets of Yerba City and interacts with trolls, femme fatales, shape-shifters, witches, and corrupt city officials.

This series is adored by its readers and we will look into that series along with Douglas' Road To Writing.

His latest book is the 06th in the Alexander Sutherland series: The Blood Moon Feasts on My Dreams.

To sleep—perchance to die!

Alexander Southerland is hired to discover how a teenaged boy is disappearing at night without passing through any doors or windows. Next thing Southerland knows, he’s shackled to an altar while a hungry spirit prepares to sacrifice him to “the toothless one who brings nothing but good.” Southerland soon negotiates a minefield of dream-hopping supernatural spirits, howler monkeys, a homicidal client, a shotgun-wielding spinster, and a whistling demon. As the murdered and mutilated bodies pile up, Southerland faces a hard choice: kill the creature who has become his friend—or become the Blood Moon’s next victim!

Buy it here:

#DouglasLumsden #DouglasLumsdenauthor #DouglasLumsdeninterview #TheBloodMoon #TheBloodMoonFeastsOnMyDreams #UrbanFantasy 


Gareth L. Powell is a British author known for using fast-paced, character-driven science fiction to explore big ideas and themes of identity, loss, and the human condition.

He has twice won the coveted British Science Fiction Association Award for Best Novel, and has become one of the most-shortlisted authors in the award’s 50-year history. He has also been a finalist for the Locus, British Fantasy, Seiun, and Canopus awards.

His novels have regularly appeared on the Locus Bestseller lists, and have been Amazon bestsellers in the UK, USA and Japan. About Writing, his field guide for aspiring authors, also topped the Amazon charts and continues to inspire a new generation of upcoming authors.


Gareth’s Embers of War trilogy is being adapted for television, and he has co-written groundbreaking stories with bestselling authors Aliette de Bodard and Peter F. Hamilton.

He is talking about his road to writing and his latest novel, Descendant Machine.

#GarethPowell #GarethPowellAuthor #Scifihorror #WritingProcess #Interview #BookLovers


Danielle Stewart is a USA Today Best Selling Author of over forty books. Her series include The Missing Pieces Series, The Brave Moments Series, The Piper Anderson Series, The Edenville Series, The Clover Series, The Piper Anderson Legacy Mystery Series, The Rough Waters Series & The Barrington Billionaire’s Series, The Broken Mirror Series. She has had more than 3 million books downloaded and held the number one book rank on Apple Books, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Danielle will be discussing her latest novel The Girl at the Party: A totally addictive psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping twist.


#DanielleStewart #DanielleStewartAuthor #Psycologicalthriller #Thriller #Plottwist


Chris Hammer is a leading Australian crime fiction novelist, author of the internationally bestselling Martin Scarsden series: Scrublands, Silver and Trust.

Now Chris has started a new series, beginning with Treasure & Dirt (Australia & New Zealand) / Opal Country (UK & international) and followed in 2022/23 by The Tilt/Dead Man’s Creek.

Scrublands was an instant bestseller upon publication in 2018, topping the Australian fiction charts.
It was shortlisted for major writing awards in Australia, the UK and the United States. In the UK it was named the Sunday Times Crime Novel of the Year 2019 and won the prestigious UK Crime Writers’ Association John Creasey New Blood Dagger Award.

Scrublands, Silver and Trust all feature troubled journalist Martin Scarsden and his partner Mandalay Blonde, while Treasure & Dirt follows homicide detectives Ivan Lucic and Nell Buchanan.
All of Chris’s books have atmospheric Australian settings, a range of colourful characters, intricate plots, descriptive language and emotional depth.

Before turning to fiction, Chris was a journalist for more than thirty years. He reported from more than 30 countries on six continents for SBS TV. In Canberra, roles included chief political correspondent for The Bulletin, senior writer for The Age and Online Political Editor for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Chris has written two non-fiction books The River (2010) – winner of the ACT Book of the Year – and The Coast (2012), published by Melbourne University Press.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Charles Sturt University and a master’s degree in International Relations from the Australian National University. He lives in Canberra, Australia.

#ChrisHammer #ChrisHammerAuthor #Crimefiction #WritingProcess

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