Hi everyone I hope you are all well and healthy.

The Writing Community Chat Show is evolving and growing constantly. It is hard to keep up with. While we appreciate your patience when we work throw any teething issues. We moved away from recording on Anchor however we know it isn't exactly their fault we were getting crossover. Our equipment desperately needs updating! We are now using StreamYard to record and I'm happy to say I think its a wise move that has also moved us into the visual world! Chris Hooley however still can't show his face (We don't think its that bad) So if you have any suggestions on how to fix this for webcam entertainment, let us know! Some animated avatar, thing, would be ideal although I have no idea how something like that would work.

If you are not yet aware, the show now has 3... well, 4! Segments.

Indie Wednesday - Podcast & Visual. We all know what that is about!

Thursday - Video only - FACES FROM PLACES. We want to meet our fans from around the world! Jump on with us for a 5 min chat/introduction.

Friday - Podcast & Visual.

The FRIDAY NIGHT CHAT SHOW! - Topical chat about, well, everything.

The Moonlight Session - Podcast & Visual. A more establish guest.


This is one of the AMAZING art pieces created for us by the wonderful HALO. We have one for each show and a backdrop for the YouTube videos. Awesome!

In the meantime, here is our first FNCS video

Not to mention film and book reviews where we can. We really are working on creating something amazing here. We hope you stay with us on this journey and invite others to be part of it too! One day we hope we do well enough to be on the road meeting you wherever you are! USA, UK, GREECE, hell, we even have an audience in KINGSTON TOWN! The dream is real!

PS AN ENORMOUS THANK YOU TO ROSS YOUNG. He is the master who has created all these amazing videos for us!

I can't wait to meet you on Faces from Places. Stay safe.



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