Well, it's gone OK... hasn't it!

Hello WCCS fans. What can I say. I think it's maybe 6 or 7 weeks in now. I can't tell with all this crazy covid nonsense going on! Anyway, I hope you are all safe and are managing to use your time wisely! I have been surprised and overwhelmed at the support and interest that our show has had. Not to mention the guests we have been able to secure for you all. It is genuinely wonderful. I am even more pleased with the fact that we have been able to help Indie Authors, even if only a little. We hope by giving you all a voice you can make a boost in sales or gain followers. Hopefully we keep growing and growing until one day we are huge and one indie author can really get recognized because of us. There are some secrete plans in the workings that I cant discuss just yet but believe me, we are working hard to try and give you guys the best opportunities possible. If, by the way you have any ideas or suggestions for the show, please, please, don't be afraid to let us know. We need your help. This show will not succeed with Chris H and myself tweeting like idiots into the night. We need supporters help. I hope you have noticed the improvement in sound too. Again it is something we are working hard to do, where finances allow. The shows is certainly finding its feet now, an identity is emerging and we hope you like it. Talking of support, did you see the amazing video/giff that Ross Ink did for us again! What a hero... in fact... can I do this?...

YES! Yes I can, how fucking awesome is this! One giff my do...

Thank you again Ross, amazing work as always. Hopefully we can keep improving things, ... what am I talking about, we WILL keep improving things and hope you all stick around. I'm currently sat listening to our spotify playlist of all the songs from the end of the show. There are some genuine awesome tracks on there.

It is amazing me already as to how far we have come. Listening to the first show which was only a few months ago sounds so raw compared to tonight's show with Anna Panther. I'm loving it. You probably don't realize the amount of work it takes to edit and get the shows ready to put out there. I'm not saying this for you to feel for me I just hope that one day this leads to a life where I sit in an awesome bat cave studio with coffee in hand recording and editing these shows one day and developing Diasy's story the next. What a dream life. As our guest KC Wayland said editing audio takes real time!

So, I hope you enjoyed tonight, and this blog. If you did please share it around and help us grow! Have a great week and make sure you tune into the Friday chat show. We had a great laugh recording this one and we have another guest announcement to make!

#WCCS - Together as one.

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