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We are super SUPER excited to announce that we are official affiliates with NOVEL FACTORY. We know that people are very sceptical when someone starts talking about sponsors and we want to tell you the reasons why this has happened. We at The Writing Community Chat Show are two proud hosts who also happen to be self-published authors. The whole reason for the show existing is to repay the amazing writing community on Twitter for the support and motivation they give authors every hour of the day. Without their help, it is quite possible that our books may not have made it into the world if it wasn't for the writing community. So getting to the point is that we would not team up with anything that we don't believe would benefit you. The Novel Factory software is a superb software that helps become a more efficient writer in so many ways while it simplifies the process. Not to forget its ability to compile your writing stats, and who doesn't love that.

Below is an extract from a Pro Writing Aid review on the software.

A Step-By-Step Process

This incredibly detailed software program takes you through each step in the process of building your novel:

  • Beginning with your premise (or what your story is about)

  • Fleshing out your story arc (they call it the skeleton)

  • Identifying your characters

  • Writing a short synopsis (and they do mean short) to give you a general idea of how the story unfolds. Just the highlights.

  • Writing an extended synopsis by filling in a lot more of the details.

  • Generating scenes to fill in your narrative

  • Generating detailed character sketches

  • Generating your story's world

  • High level plotting where you figure out how to weave together all of your plot details

  • Going deeper into your character’s viewpoints

  • Scene blocking

  • And there is much more…

Until finally, you pull everything together and your manuscript is ready for submission.

It even walks you through the submission process whether you’re sending to a publisher or an agent and how to format your manuscript professionally. The software program can also help you write a great cover letter.

Here is the whole review - Pro Writing Aid review of Novel Factory.

The software is a genuinely fantastic tool and Novel Factory see the good that we are doing. If you decide that this is for you then please use the link below to do so. By doing this it will enable us to earn some money from it. This will help the show grow and enable us to run competitions and attend writing conventions.

Novel Factory affiliate link.

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