We have a new YouTube intro countdown!

So, what do you think? Does Left Chris look close... does Right Chris?

We are always looking to improve our show. If you have been following us you know this. So when I (Left Chris) was twiddling my thumbs as to how we could look better at the start of our live shows then the intro was a good place to start. I researched and searched until I found some videos on YouTube. There are many videos of people sharing their results from Fiverr services. Looking at the quality of return for the money. You can find graphic designers, illustrators, ghost writers, cover designers, voice over actors and even translation services on there, and so much more. But the beauty of Fiverr is that it is an open market. You can offer your services as an armature or a verified pro. So its a great place to do these sorts of videos to compare. I found and went with a mid range reputable designer. It is easy to find well rated services and see samples of their work. So, this is the result. The Gif of The Chris' in The WCCS book bar! Hopefully something that can be a reality one day! I added the wonderful music and countdown once I had my hands on the Gif.

We have signed up as Fiverr affiliates. If you like the look of our intro and want to look into Fiverr then please use the below link as we will get a very small return for those who sign up using it.

Affiliate link.

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