WCCS host Chris Aggett interviewed by Dale Roberts!

Dale L. Roberts is an accomplished indie author and host of the Dale L. Roberts channel on YouTube and the Self-Publishing with Dale Podcast.

Since 2014, Dale has pursued a full-time career in self-publishing and video content creation. He shares his experiences on his channels devoted to building a successful self-publishing business.

His specialties include book publishing, video production, public speaking, and networking.

He has appeared on The Writing Community Chat Show twice. Once as an interview guest and once on The WCCS panel show. He has been a guide for me as an author and for many, many authors trying to find their way. His videos are brilliant and are loved by many. This is why I was super excited when Dale invited me onto his YouTube channel to record a podcast episode to celebrate The WCCS and its 200th episode! The response from his followers has been brilliant. Check out the video below and if you feel the urge, post some comments on Dale's video.

Jenna the Soul Writer "Love listening to Chris! The growth over there is amazing."

Kaleb Smith "Excellent chat! Kudos Chris on the 200 episodes and thanks for sharing your insight!"

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