The Plot Twist Project.

We always want to help authors grow and benefit from our show and this feature allows that. We want to raise money for our show so that we can run fantastic competitions for you and grow ourselves. With this in mind we were very conscious about randomly asking for money. This project will involve the whole community and we are hoping it will leave people wanting to support us as a result.

So what is the Plot Twist Project?

The #PTP is a new show where host CJ Aggett will write a book... That sounds boing right?

It isn't that strait forward. From Sunday the 17th of January at 9pm UK time, CJ will be streaming for around 1.5hrs and this will continue weekly. The plan is to write a community book by using the minds of many. You will be able to interact via the YouTube page and throw in your ideas. This book will be a community effort weather it is the story, the cover or the editing. We plan to use this as our fundraiser. CJ will be inviting a community member onto the show each week and the two of them will write on one open document that you will be able to see via the stream. Everyone will be putting ideas into the story, deciding on characters names and where the stories go. viewers can learn writing tips and tricks from each other during the show and it could quite possibly inspire your own writing. Perhaps it could help any authors who struggle with creativity or are having writers block.

If you are interested in attending these sessions then let us know below and on twitter. And remember to use the hashtag PTP. #PTP or #WCCSPTP.

Can we create a masterpiece together?

The WCCS. Together as one we get it done!