The Gentlemen film review.

So I watched Guy Richie’s return to Gangster comedy, The Gentlemen. The first thing to note is that it has most certainly split opinion!

It begins with self-made Micky Pearson (Matthew McConaughey) wanting to retire from his near perfect marijuana empire that operates out of London and around the UK. Naturally this draws attention from the wrong kind of people and the classic Guy Richie comedy/drama plays out, bribery, deception and some interesting song called boxes of bush! There were some fantastic, and to be honest, unexpected performances throughout. Hugh Grant and Collin Farrell were particularly amusing characters. There is some highly enjoyable swearing thought this film and some scenes that were memorable. I do think that the overall story could perhaps have been a bit more complex, however, it is meant to be the way it is. I enjoyed this film for what it was and I believe that most negative reviews come from a place of expectation. Go into this film with a clear mind and enjoy it.

I give this film 7 zombies out of 10!

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