The first miles towards The Frontline Walk in 2022!

I am getting the miles in early in 2022. There are lots of KCLS to burn off from Christmas and New Years Eve! I hope you all had a good one. My last walk of 2021 resulted in a rather bloody blister. It was strange as it was from a pair of boots that fit well and are comfortable. It rubbed in the same spot today. If that continues, then I will look to fund a new pair of shoes or boots!

This will be the first of many many walks this year. The scary thing is although this year has only just started, the walk is only 9.5 months away. I am sure that this will fly by!

With some recent donations, I have now raised 226 out of the 1250 required. 600 of that is needed by July I believe. So if you would like to help and sponsor me, please do here:

You can also see blog updates there.

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