SONGBIRD: Aggett's film club review.

So, SONGBIRD is not something I thought I wanted to watch during a time where a real Covid pandemic is ongoing... and now more threatening than ever. But, I feel that by me watching this, it might save you the pain.

K.J. Apa, Sofia Carson, Demi Moore and Bradley Whitford appear in this Michael Bay-produced thriller about several people trying to survive during a COVID 19 Pandemic. Not the type we know, yet, and hopefully never will. But, we see a matured pandemic where immune civilians wander free in an American world dominated and controlled by a useless military presence and a rather nasty Dept. of Sanitation that is run by Peter Stormare and his goons. We follow a few stories that interlink at some point and to be honest a lot of them were rather predictable. I felt that in most situations I already knew the next move. We follow a courier on a desperate rescue mission who frantically zips around the city trying to find his girlfriend. Imagine James Bond but instead of being directed by Z, you have the Amazon delivery service, and instead of Bond, you have a delivery driver.

Despite the A-list producer and a few big names and familiar actors, the plot of this film was perhaps lacking in a lot of areas. It felt rushed, just so that it could be released during a real pandemic. Although, they perhaps had more time than they expected. You know, as its nearly 2021 and we are STILL talking about it!

I am unsure of the message. Was it a message of hope? Was it a thriller? This film didn't really know. Anyway. I felt the same after seeing this film as I felt before it. Not wanting to hear a single God damn thing about Covid ever again.

Im giving SONGBIRD 2020 a pretty terrible 3 zombie heads out of 10.

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