Season 2 is upon us!

We are just over a week away from the start of season 2! As mentioned in our writing prompt special show which you can scroll to below, we are changing the ways things are presented.

The biggest change is the shows scheduled release times. One thing we picked up was that a large majority of our listeners are US based. With this in mind we are splitting the Friday night chat show into 2! Meaning Chris & Chris will have their own chat show focused on talking their usual nonsense with some new features and competitions thrown in. This will air at 8pm UK time, an hour later than usual. The Interview part of that show will now be moved to 12:15am UK time to be its own independent show. In other words, Sunday morning. This will allow the US listeners to have a show drop prime time for them on Friday night. That will mean we will be releasing 3 episodes a week and they will become more consistently around the 45 min to an hour mark.


There will be a few more competitions. You can look at these in more detail on our website below under the competitions tab.

The 6 With Chris feature is simple. You match 6 words with Chris, you win £100! That number will increase as we get more funds through donations and patreons. However, we require you to become patreons to play. The lowest to play this game is £3 a month which will increase the total prize to be won. You can become a patreon on our website under the patreons tab or click here.

Ask the host feature.

This is an opportunity to ask the hosts any questions you want and they will then answer them on the show. Don't be shy, get them in. Post them on twitter, send them to the show, email, just get them in anyway you want.

Writing prompt madness feature.

The writing prompt madness feature will happen monthly. We ask the community to give us a genre to write in and then we get authors from the writing community to contribute 2 paragraphs. Resulting in one short story written by numerous indie authors. Below you can find last months story. We ask people to vote on their favourite entry so we may award the winner a place on our virtual plaque on the website.

And finally!

King or Queen of the season!

Each guest this season will compete in a 1min quickfire general knowledge quiz to see if we can crown a KING or QUEEN of the season. Again, the winner of this will find their name on our plaque for ETERNAL GLORY!!!

We also plan on dropping more features throughout the season so keep an eye on our twitter page and please, take advantage of our blogs and forum pages. They are there to use and to promote. We cant wait to start the season and share the fantastic interviews with you. We have some wonderful guests coming on who have plenty of knowledge to share!

The season drops on FRIDAY THE 3RD! So you still have some time to catch up on any season 1 shows you may have missed. We look forward to hearing from you all again! See you next week!!!

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