Podcasting & STREAMYARD!

Hello, thank you for visiting our blog and presumably our website! I would like to take the time to leave some hints and tips. Most of them have been learnt through trial and error and I'm hoping that it saves you from following in our steps but instead you just use the tips!

First of all, we began our show trying to use a variety of services including Twitch, OBS and other similar streaming providers. This did not work out for us at all. We walked in blindly and our dreams of success initially because consumed by doubt. We then discovered Anchor which is a podcast hosting service that is free and allows you to earn from ads immediately. We are still using that service to distribute our podcast to all major places like Amazon, Spotify and more. The editing was a nightmare initially however they have improved their editing software on the site and mobile version. We still refer to Audacity for any editing needs.

We then took the show to the screen and we are sad that this didn't happen earlier. You will have noticed how many more errors we had in the earlier shows, crossovers, audio issues etc. This almost never happens now and we really wish some of our biggest guests were interviewed as we do now. We are better at it and it looks great. The reason for it all sounding better and looking much better is Streamyard. We almost never edit now. I'm not suggesting this will work for everyone because you need to be able to chat naturally for this to work. Streamyard allows us to record our shows and then use the files for anything we need. You don't need a webcam to record on the software, a mic would do. We record on a webcam and Yeti mic (which is around £100) and then download the Mp3 & Mp4 files. We upload the files to where we need and the job is done!

As you can see from the video below Streamyard allows us to completely customise our screen. I spent hours trying to create rubbish overlays for OBS. Streamyard allows me to do it in minutes and it's super easy. I use a green screen and change my backgrounds often while Chris uses a real brick wall and they both look decent. I mean Mr Hooley could hang some posters, neon lights or something interesting on them but hay! its ok! :)

My point being. On Streamyard you can have scrolling text, questions on the screen, logos & images on the screen and even intro and outro videos. We are in NO WAY SPONSORED by Streamyard but if you are serious about making your podcast better then you need it!

If you are interested then sign up using this link and we will both benefit. It's worth it!


Thank you for spending time reading our words of advice and if you ever need help just drop us a message on twitter!

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