In the shadow of the Moon review.

Aggett's film club returns with a review of IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON!

In the shadow of the Moon is a 2020 Netflix movie directed by Jim Mickle and written by Gregory Weidman and Geoffrey Tock. This is the tag - A Philadelphia police officer struggles with a lifelong obsession to track down a mysterious serial killer whose crimes defy explanation.

Immediately the trailer intrigued me with its darkened style and police chases and action. I have been longing for something to look and feel the outstanding Se7en for a long long time. This, I think, had slight similarities in style, at times.

As I got into the film I began trying to figure out where I knew the characters from and it surprised me to realise that... one of them was Dexter! ANNNND I have only watched one episode of it. Can I hear the booos through the medium of blog?! Perhaps. Anyway, the cast is well-fitting. Boyd Holbrook plays a Philly Police officer named Locke. I like this character. After a run-in with a strange and mysterious woman, post some very strange deaths! tragedy strikes his life. What unfoldes is the spiralling detective Locke dedicating his entire life (quite literally) in the search of this woman that only appears in a certain pattern. That woman is Cleopatra Coleman, she plays Rya. The mysterious one. It is a classically styled cop thriller in a damp and dark city until Locke begins to track down this woman while he neglects his family in the process. Then I can only describe him looking like Ron Burgandy when the news team was dispanded.

Despite the way he gets to look throughout the film Boyd Holbrook played the lead character very well and this polished film left me wanting more. I do think that perhaps they could have made more out of the big twist... that I DIDNT SEE COMING! Which I won't mention any more of.

To round up this scrappy review. I expected a gritty cop detective thriller, I got something slightly different and was pleasantly surprised. It is like digging into your winter jacket pocket to find something and accidentally finding some cash instead. #Win

So this film pleased me despite its occasional slow-building moments. I give this movie 7 zombie heads out of 10! Check out the trailer below. PODCAST REVIEW HERE!

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