Improve your social game with Canva, for FREE!

Do you want to get more social engagement? To make your posts look better and more effective? You can learn how to do this easily and for free.

Having a strong social game can make the difference between sales and no sales. A reader could look at one post and scroll past, or they could look at your post, follow you and become your next biggest fan.

Below is a Canva tutorial that applies to all sections of media. I create videos, advertising, clothing, professional presentations, social posts, and more with this web browser software. No downloading required to use it either. The free version is plenty good enough to use and they don't pressure you to sign up to a plan either, but they are good, so you may want to!

Canva software review/tutorial. #Howto create a #thumbnail with #CANVA for free! Creating a thumbnail with Canva is super easy and you can make it look amazing in no time. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED VIDEO! I really use this software daily and in every aspect of my life. You probably could too. And it is free. What is even better is that it is sooooo simple to use, and it is something I learnt on my own very quickly. Please, check out the video, leave some comments and subscribe!

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