Glass 2019 film review

Aggett's film club is back and this week I am reviewing the film that follows Unbreakable and Split. Unbreakable came to us in 2000 and introduced us to David Dunn (Bruce Willis) who was the sole survivor of a horrific train crash, he didn't just survive against the odds, he did it without any injuries. We were also introduced to the character Elijah Price (Samuel L Jackson). These characters are two of the three that are the focus of Glass. Now Glass is a sequel to Unbreakable but where this becomes interesting is that Split is also a sequel to Glass. Split (2016) is where we see James McAvoy play Kevin Wendell Crumb / Dennis / Patricia / Hedwig / Barry / Orwell / Jade / The Horde. And more importantly The Beast! If you haven't seen this you may be thinking how exactly? Well, McAvoy whos actual personality is Kevin is kept in the dark by his "Horde", which is 23 other prominent personalities, his "Split" personalities. Let me tell you this, James McAvoy's acting in this is absolutely superb. His abilities to jump from character to character is something to be seen. Acting at its finest. SO... now you have where the characters have come from we can discuss Glass. Glass brings all three characters together in the same universe. We quickly discover a Dr played by Sarah Paulson who wants to bring people, who consider themselves to have superpowers, into a facility to make them see the realities and convince them they are indeed wrong. Sarah Paulson, in my opinion, delivers well in this screenplay and has had similar roles in other tv shows. She eventually gets all three characters into the institute which is heavily guarded. Guarded perhaps by the most useless staff that ever existed. It's safe to say anyone could have escaped within a week in that place! This, unfortunately, was a factor in the film that made me question its existence. Resulting in me sighing or swearing at the screen in frustration. It felt like lazy writing from M. Night Shyamalan who has previously delivered in this series. There where therapy sessions in the film where all three of the main characters unrealistically sit together and get personally quizzed by the Dr before the last twenty minutes or so us visit the outside of the establishment where a number of big twists in the show play out. Some of which were again very unrealistic. Without giving much away its safe to say it left things wide open for more despite the final situation. This film felt unlike Unbreakable and Split, it felt more like an initiation into a franchise than a standalone, and that wasn't a good thing. The acting in this film from McAvoy was once again fantastic, however, that did not prop up the slow and unrealistic twisting storyline. If you are very much into the Unbreakable and Split then it is certainly worth a watch as there is no doubt the story will continue.

That said I was left neither over satisfied or underwhelmed. I am going to have to give Glass 5 zombie heads out of 10.

The trailer is below and the podcast is here!

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