Competition winner Lali A.Love review.

Hello! First of all congratulations to Lali A Love who won our competition. Her reward was us buying her book, reviewing it on Amazon, Good reads and on this blog! Lali is a wonderful person who is great on twitter. Her positiveness is always present and contagious. Her book Heart of a Warrior Angel: From Darkness to Light was the selected winner and you can find the review along with links to her work!

A story of hope and belief. Light up the darkness.

This book was selected by the Writing community chat show podcast in a competition. Lali is a fan of the show and as a reward I agreed to read and review this book. The first thing to note is that I’m not much of a fantasy reader. For no other reason than I’m into horror and thriller type genres. Regardless, this story was all about believing in hope and love during dark desperate time’s. Overcoming oppression and anger for many many years and still not giving in and letting the darkness consume you. It’s a positive message for all. It was a dark read. Lots of domestic abuse. I would like to have had more dialogue from the characters yet that did not take away from the relationship I built with them. I gave this book 4 stars out of 5.

Link to website below.

Link to book below.

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