Aggetts Film Friday - The Old Guard!

Charlize Theron plays an immortal character named Andy, and she does it very well. She is the leader of a small group of mercenaries who have the ability to regenerate health rapidly, even if the injuries are severe and would easily kill any other human. The team has formed throughout the centuries and they have fought in many battles that often resulted in humanity benefiting from their actions. However, now they are in our present time they are hunted by a greedy scientist who wants to exploit their DNA for THE BENEFIT OF HUMANS! The scientist isn't exactly empathetic in his approach and states his desire to slice them up bit by bit if he has to. They can no longer remain in the shadows with modern technology. It is a gritty, action-packed film that draws you in and leaves you satisfied AND craving more. It certainly leaves it open for Andy and her teams return. I will be looking out for the sequel! It seems living forever isn't as easy as you would expect!

You can find The Old Guard on Netflix now.

I give this film a solid 7 zombies out of 10. - Worth a watch!

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