Aggett's film club #02 Fisherman's Friends

Fishermans friends.

What can I say, I haven't yet seen the gentleman which I was supposed to be reviewing this week and posting on Tuesday.

There are a few things wrong with that statement that you may have noticed. Firstly I am reviewing Fisherman's friends and I was supposed to be reviewing The Gentleman and secondly, its now Thursday, Yes, yes I know, I am sorry, but hey, we've mentioned it before, we live real lives and you won't be hearing a polished podcast here, its a raw and real show with effin and jeffin too.

Getting on with it then, Fisherman's friends is something I have seen lingering on Netflix for some time and there were a few attractions for me to watch it. First of all, It looked a warm and fuzzy film which is based on a true story that happened in Cornwall. So Cornwall for me is a place I have visited many many times over the years, It is a beautiful place and has the most amazing pasty’s. Not to mention Healy’s cider farm which is certainly worth the visit.

The cast also drew my eye. The film was directed by Chris Froggin who worked on The deep blue sea and the worlds end to mention a few and starred James Purefoy, Meadow Nobrega and Daniel Mays All 3 played their roles very very well. James Purefoy was the Alpha fisherman, group leader and father or Medow Nobrega. Now Daniel mays, who plays Danny, was a talent scout and whilst he and his friends were stranded in Cornwall, thanks to transport issues Troy, (An American Noel Clarke…Who is coming on the show by the way!) Driss and Henry, who were the friends/Business associates of Danny Left him thereafter pretending that they were interested in signing the group for a music deal. They spotted the fisherman singing at the harbour one morning, leaving Danny there alone and driving back to London. Danny ultimately was drawn into the magic of Cornish culture and committed himself to the group. I won't go into any more detail, although it is a true story so if you don't want to know what happens before seeing it, perhaps don't google them.

It reminded me of an old Cornish classic Blue Juice, which is all-star cast film of surfers meeting back in Cornwall as older men who had gone off in their directions and were trying to relive some youth. If you haven't watched it and fancy it id say yes go watch Blue Juice. And Hooley, you mentioned Catherine Zeta Jones on the show before, well you should see her in this! Wowzers.

So to sum it up, this film was warm, fuzzy, sad at times with a real focus on the challenges of how seaside towns struggle with their economy. Yet it had me singing Ear-ly in the morning for a days after. I enjoyed this film, even more so as I was hungover watching it!

For me ill give this film 6 and a half zombies out of ten and highly suggest that you watch this on a Sunday afternoon with your feet up. Tune in next week and I may, or may not be reviewing the gentleman, we will see how it goes… BYE!

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