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This weeks film review is The Silence. This film found on #Netflix is a great first choice for me as it is a film adapted from Tim Lebbon's book. Tim appears as a guest in episode 08. He goes into detail as to how it moulds together and how the book became a film. It is a survival horror and was directed by John Leonetti, starred the very fitting Stanley Tucci and Kiernan Shipka. The story follows the Andrews family as they try to survive from a plague of "Vesps" that were unleashed as a result of cave hunters discovering a long forgotten cave. These Vesps attack any noise with aggression and do not stop unless destroyed. Once scene shows Vesps being pulled into a farmers harvester. Enjoyable, although it does ask the question as to why it wasn't left on full time! There are a few complications in the film that cause more tension. Firstly Kiernan's character "Ally" became deaf after a car accident so that poses obvious complications and then there is the creepy Reverend. The Reverend takes an interest in Ally and Hugh (Stanley Tucci) does his best to protect the family. Over all I found it engaging and tense at times however it cant be helped but to compare this film with A Quiet Place, which was a blockbuster film with a big budget. Despite A Quiet Place being the first of the two films to be released in 2018 and The Silence in 2019, Tim Lebbon's book The Silence was in fact written in 2015.

I give this film 5 zombies out of 10.

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