A sandy hike. Less than 9 months to go!

So, after the blister a few weeks back, the rubbing has stopped. I also had blister plaster on for safe measure. Despite wanting to start the basic walking training plan this January, I have found myself walking a few weeks ahead of the plan.

The 9 miler, well, 8.7 route was fairly demanding with elevation and sand dunes. I have received some awesome sponsors this week, and I have been in contact with The Frontline Walk Facebook group, or is it META now??? They have been awesome in supporting me despite being a newbie. They are really welcoming and will give advice on questions posted. Each Sunday I will be looking at an interesting walk to send you all pictures. I have some great ones in mind already. My diet has become more strict this week in an attempt to shift some weight, I'm sure that will help in the long run. At the moment, 2022 has started positively, despite a short illness. So heres to the many miles to come.


TO SPONSOR ME FOR THIS EVENT, PLEASE, CLICK HERE: ABF The Soldiers' Charity - christopher Aggett (soldierscharity.org)

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