22 Of The Best Writing Podcasts!

Have you ever "Googled" yourself? Well, The writing community chat show google result threw up a wonderful surprise. The well trusted and visited Jericho Writers' website had published a blog. That blog was 22 of the best writing podcasts around. The WCCS was listed as one of those BEST PODCASTS!

This is a huge milestone for this show and it feels amazing to see us listed along side some awesome shows like Between the Covers, Grammar Girl and Writing Excuses!

You can read the article below.


If you were to recommend our show to more blogs, website and articles like this, I would be eternally grateful.

You should also check out TheWritingCommunityChatShow.Com (On desktop). It has undergone some developments. It now features all the videos and podcast episodes available from the main page. There are helpful websites, tools and channels for you to discover and if you subscribe to our newsletter, then you can be the first to discover promotions and news!

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