10 things every writer should have!

Most writers get by with a keyboard these days. Whether it's a laptop or a PC. But that still doesn't take away from the fact there are other opportunities to exploit. Below we list 10 things that could improve your game. Noisey children, busy pets, the need for wine or coffee, there are plenty of things that can help so check them out. We also add a link to where you can purchase these things through Amazon. And as affiliates, we can earn a few pennies back to put into the show too. To go to the Amazon page click the picture for the UK link.

1 The perfect wine glass.

We all know that many authors write in the early hours of the morning, so having a nice wine glass is essential. No doubt you will be wondering if its coffee time or wine time.

Personalised 'Name' Crystal Wine Glass, Engraved Stemmed Wine Glass, 46cl

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2 Well, the coffee, of course.

These are coffee bags and good ones. If you are someone who doesn't want to step away from the keyboard for long then these are perfect. They taste like really strong coffee with adding boiled water alone.

USA alternative here.

3 You can't drink coffee without a real mug.

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4 There is nothing like the smell of coffee to freshen things up. Apart from the smell of sandalwood, lavender and lots of other scented oils. This defuser can really make the house smell amazing. It can inspire, relax or motivate you. It also lights the room nicely with 7 led colours.

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4 Yoga - Mental health is a big issue not just for writers but for everyday people. It is something that we must look out for and try our best to manage. One way to do this effectively is through nutrition and exercises. While it is much better to get out for a run or walk there are also a lot of people who struggle with that. This is a great alternative that people can do in the house.

This pack has instructions from beginner to expert and video instructions. Made to be more interactive and fun.

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5 Noise-cancelling headphones - Music is an essential part of most writers. But there is nothing worse than having a busy household seeping through your headphones. These are noise cancelling, well-rated Bluetooth headphones that block out all external noise as well as remain cable-free. No tangling or catching the cable on things.

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6 A perfect notepad for writers.

You never know when the next perfect story will appear in your mind and often it is at a time where you are busy. Having a note pad is a must. Even Stephen King says so.

This is a Handmade Leather Journal/Writing Notebook Diary/Bound Daily Notepad. Made from Full grain buffalo leather.

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7 The cosy, writers must have WCCS hoodie.

Every writer has their cosy writing gear. There is no doubt. In our WCCS teespring store, you can find plenty of merch to keep you going.

8 The perfect candle.

Who doesn't love a little ambience? This candle not only sets the mood with the light and scent, it also crackles like a fire with its specially designed wick!

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9 The relaxing rocker.

You cant be a writer if you don't read. And what better way to sit and read than in this beautiful rocking chair.