Who are we?

Well, you may have noticed the WCCS (Writing Community Chat Show) suddenly appearing on your twitter feed. We are a podcast designed to help, promote, encourage and grow authors. Be it an author who hasn't yet written a word yet or someone who has made a successful career from it. We have some pretty amazing features and two great hosts that care about every one of you. They spend a lot of time helping and trying to create magic. Indie Wednesdays is now a new feature where Indie authors can come on the show and be interviewed, promoting their work with a personal touch. Then there is the Friday chat show. A show where Chris and Chris chat about book and book related topics while having fun. Followed by an interview with a more substantial guest. We have already had some amazing guests on including KC Wayland, Tim Lebbon and Diarmuid Goggins just to name a few. There are now two more segments that will be released. Hooley's book review will be its own short show and he will review an indie book live on the show, on Amazon and Goodreads! Finally Aggett's film club will also be it's own short show where a current film will be reviewed. The WCCS looks for fan engagement as much as possible so please, get involved and be interactive. Who knows, you could be a feature on the show next.

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