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Good youtube channels for authors


dale roberts publishing

Dale is a fantastic person to listen to if you need to know how to get published or want to know the ins and outs of publishing. He is a guest on our show and a judge on the Page Turner Awards. 

Learn how to publish books that sell on this channel. Subscribe now to stay up-to-date on the latest in self-publishing news, insights and strategies.


writing with jenna moreci

Jenna breaks down almost every topic and even challenges stereotypes on her show. It is useful and often to the point.

My name is Jenna. I write books. I also make videos about writing books. I'm super interesting.


the creative penn

Hello Creatives, I'm Joanna Penn from On my channel, I share information and inspiration about writing fiction, writing non-fiction, self-publishing, book marketing, and making a living with your writing. Ten years ago, I started writing my first book and now I have 27 books: thrillers and dark fantasy under J.F.Penn and non-fiction for writers as Joanna Penn. I'm an Award-nominated, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, podcaster, and creative entrepreneur, and I make a multi-six-figure income with my writing.



Book reviewer and aspiring author Kat O’Keefe’s YouTube channel is chock full of writing videos with everything from micro advice like word choices to macro advice like world-building.

Her upbeat personality and sense of humour make every lesson feel fun.


rachel stephen

"Hey! I’m Rachael. I write things, sometimes. I also make videos, coffee and a mess."

Scottish novelist and self-described “hellbitch,” Stephen is funny, quirky and offers non-filtered advice that’s a lovely combination of frank and empathetic. Plus, her tips are super-useful.


Self-published authors left Chris and right Chris take a fresh and modern approach to podcasting. We interview in a fun and less conventional way. We now stream live on YouTube and interview indie and established authors as well as celebrities. Our shows are interactive and we do everything to benefit the Writing Community that helped us so much. 

us! Dont forget us!

the writing community

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