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Good websites for authors

Queer Indie

Queer Indie is a writers’ alliance established to promote queer and ally lit. Qi includes the full spectrum of authors across all genres and identities. Our mission is to create a diverse, inclusive, supportive community of radical acceptance. Every book has a home.


Although we try our best to promote indie author services that are recommended, you can't ignore the vast catalogue that Reedsy offers. In need of any service and you are likely to find it here.


How can we not shout out this website! Built with the Wix builder and we think it looks incredible. If you don't yet have an author website... why not! Get one and see what you can come up with. If not, there are lots of people on here who can help you achieve one as pretty as this.

Rupert Regis

Rupert Regis & His Magical Bookshop is a fantastic online shop where by submitting the name, age and a few details about your special someone’s favourite things children’s author Richard Staplehurst AKA Rupert Regis will handwrite you an original and personalised storybook.As well this, you’ll receive an original MP3 Audiobook adaptation voiced by the wonderful Elliott Crossley. In collaboration with the WCCS. Use WCCS as the Ref when booking to receive a FREE and very special ‘Artsy & Craftsy Art Kit’ delivered* to you.

Rupert Regis 3rd Rev ff1-01.jpg
Amazon KDP

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is Amazon’s book publishing platform that can be used to self-publish a book online, which readers can purchase as an eBook or print-on-demand book. It is one of the top self-publishing companies and currently dominates the self-publishing book market. 

Amazon KDP is a major player in the publishing industry, currently holding at least 80% of the eBook market.

Book Trib was created as a news source for people who love books, want to find out what’s happening in the book world and love learning about great authors of whom they may not have heard.

Simply put, brings discerning readers and rising authors closer together – and in a big way, with more than 70,000 unique monthly website visitors and close to 50,000 views on social media.

Ebook Betty


Every day at 10am subscribers to Ebook Betty receive an email filled with amazing deals on bestselling ebooks. When you advertise with Betty, your book’s information is featured on our website and emailed to a subscriber list full of people who have specifically asked for books in your genre. The site currently runs a 50% discount due to Covid-19.


Book Angel


Bookangel started as a London bookclub’s private site to swap book recs and highlight free books. Now we offer a daily free ebook newsletter, weekly reviews newsletter, and have a newspaper column featuring the best indie currently undergoing a trial, as well as the main website and Twitter account.


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