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Buy us a beer!
Buy us a brew!


By supporting this show you can make many things happen. 

The show has many ambitions. The WCCS writers bar/cafe is the ultimate goal. This would be the place for authors, readers, creatives, and more, to gather, work, read, promote, learn and relax. For this to happen, the wccs needs to become a profitable business. Plus, the wccs live, in-person book awards are in the early stages. Mark Billingham, Ian Rankin, Sarah Pinborugh, Matson Taylor, and Orenda books have already put their name to it!

All of these things are dreams at the moment but could really become a reality with the right support from you. Donations, sponsors, and patreons could take this show to the next level. Click the images to help. You can donate any amount via the pay pal link, and leave a message :)



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