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Indie Authors, Get Your Book Reviewed By host Chris hooley.

NetGalley top reviewer.

A basic review consists of a written review on Amazon & GoodReads. an improved review is a basic review plus a youtube review, forum review and a dedicated post from our Twitter page.

currently, we will only be conducting one review a week.

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    Fill in the payment form on the left. When you complete your submission, you'll get an email from The Writing Community Chat Show team confirming your request.

As a bonus for signing up to us, we will choose one book to feature in our monthly newsletter. You will need to fill in the pop-up form on the welcome page to receive it.

Forward the correct book to our Email address. TheWritingCommunityChatShow@Gmail.Com We request that you upload your book as a PDF, epub or mobi file.

Open for reviews now.

Once we have received your work we will begin the process. If you want to check if there is a queue for this service get in touch and we can let you know. Once the review is complete it will be uploaded to the relevant areas.


We understand just how difficult it is as self-publishing authors. Finances are short. Editing, proofreading, cover design and lots more costs. A lot. We have been through this process. This is why we try our hardest to make life easier for writers. We have seen and experienced book review services for £150 as a basic package. We set our prices for the average writer. The ones that write into the night. Sat on a small desk in their bedroom or with a laptop on a cluttered table. If there is ever a service you think we could or should offer, please, get in touch and we will see what we can make happen.

Our reviewer is host Chris Hooley. He is a very experienced reader and has been awarded the top reviewer award from NetGalley. Our reviews will be 100% genuine and natural. We cannot change the reviews once submitted. 


"I really appreciate The Writing Community Chat Show and want to thank them for taking the time to review my book “Emma’s Fury”. Getting the word out or getting any feedback can be a challenging part of the publishing process. Asking for a review was a little scary because I knew that they would be honest and not hold any punches; which I am grateful for. WCCS offers great advice and a true sense of community among fellow authors.  Their podcasts are light-hearted and very entertaining and I am so glad that I found them." 

Linda Rainier

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