Indie Wednesday is all about the authors who are trying to get heard. We have all been there and most of us still are. Indie Wednesday gives you the opportunity to speak directly to readers and your fans. They can learn about you and your work in your own personal interview with Chris. The hosts also discuss indie related topics before each interview, giving new authors some advice. If you would be interested in this, please leave us your details and let us know why using the link below. We look forward to hearing from you. You can also find the video recordings of the shows on our YouTube page!


The Friday night chat show is all about having fun, talking about anything that's worth noting from throughout the week, then topping it off with an established guest. This won't always be possible but we strive to bring you quality guests that can give you a great insight into their industry. Grab yourself a drink and listen to the show. We encourage you to interact with us on twitter as we listen to the show together. We press play at 8pm. If you consider yourself to be an established guest and would like to come on the show please message us using the link below. You can also find the video recordings of the shows on our YouTube page!


The WCCS Podcast

This is where the fun is. Why we started and why this website even exists. There are other shows that focus on topics like marketing and promotion. Be sure to check them out. We love our fans and love them being interactive. If you have any comments, discussions or ideas, please, let us know.